Learn while playing

Learning with LEGO® at Bouwgabbers

On Monday afternoon you can learn while playing with LEGO®. We use the LEGO® Education sets, with which we bring small creations to life.
You can enroll every week through an introductory workshop. The workshop starts at 3.45 pm and lasts until 5.15 pm. Children from 7 years old can participate.

We also offer individual coaching programs for children who want to develop socially, for example. Then take it without obligation Contact with us.

We play with these LEGO® Education sets



This is the oldest set of the LEGO Education line and is still very much appreciated by children and professionals. Through a beautiful combination of the well-known LEGO bricks and LEGO Technic parts, children build various (technical) creations that they bring to life. They do this by programming them via pictures with icons. Who will build the fastest racing car or who will stop his creation just in time?


LEGO® Spike Essential

SPIKE Essential is the newest set within the LEGO Education line. With this set, the children get the opportunity to tell a story through creative, technical constructions. In a way that motivates storytelling, children learn to bring the most creative structures to life through play.


LEGO┬« Spike PrimeÔÇő

SPIKE Prime is the bigger brother or sister of Spike Essential. This set provides more depth and broadening for the slightly older target group. This set takes children more into the world of technology and programming because more sensors and motors can be used. As a result, you really bring your creations to life.


LEGO┬« MindstormsÔÇő

Mindstorms is a classic. This set is the predecessor of Spike, but is more technical than the new version and therefore still a showpiece among the (young) technicians. At Bouwgabbers we therefore still have this set in our range for the real enthusiast.


LEGO® Serious Play®

An odd man out in this list, but certainly not indispensable. This set comes from the business angle. Read more about this on our 'serious play' page. With this set we will build solutions to serious questions with children. With these workshops, children build themselves.

Always party


Of course it is always a party for children at Bouwgabbers, but you can also celebrate your party with us. We will do everything we can to make your party crazy, complete with a gift.
Are you a real LEGO fan, but do you want more than building? Then you are good with us! 
Do you want to know how others have experienced our parties? Then look at the google reviews.

Workshops during school holidays


We sometimes have an adapted holiday program during the school holidays.
For the latest update, follow us on Facebook on Instagram. We also regularly send a newsletter when new holiday workshops are planned. For the extensive holiday program click on holiday program.

You can do this too



Throw your LEGO® party at Bouwgabbers and come and build and program a robot together with your friends. Maybe you will close with the one and only robot battle!



Got excited? Register now for one of our workshops at Bouwgabbers. Will we see you soon?


For teams

Bouwgabbers helps organizations (profit and non-profit), municipalities, schools and companies to find solutions for (complicated) issues. We use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method for this.