Building your business with LEGO®

Bouwgabbers helps organizations (profit and non-profit), municipalities, schools and companies to find solutions for (complicated) issues. We use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method for this. Find answers with your hands to questions you wouldn't expect the group to be aware of. The issues are diverse; a new vision, a new product, a solution for a difficult collaboration, team building, getting to know each other better or adjusting brand values. Bouwgabbers always tailors the workshops and vary from half a day to two days.

For everyone

Mature enough to play?

Why do we stop playing when we are older? “Playing makes you happy and flexible, it even lubricates your brain. Playing reduces stress, reduces negative emotions and makes you more creative. Yet adults really only play if there is something to be gained.” Sin according to Psychology Magazine and also according to us.

For everyone

Workshops for every target group

It is of course easy to say that these workshops are suitable for everyone. But basically it is. The workshop is tailor-made and each participant has an equal role during the session. The main thing is that the question is well formulated and there is no answer yet. Bouwgabbers can also help to formulate this question as clearly as possible.

That's why you choose us


Serious Play

The sessions not only work towards a joint solution, but are also good for the mutual atmosphere. So it is not only educational, but also great fun.


Certified facilitator

Bouwgabbers is a Certified Facilitator LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and authorized to design and facilitate sessions with this method.



Unique to this method is that every participant is given the opportunity to convey his or her contribution. This has to do with one of the principles of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. Each participant has an equal input.

The road to success


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