THE LSP method

Engaging in purposeful play using LEGO®

Every team within a company, association, school, or organization inevitably encounters intricate challenges at some juncture. When facing such complexities, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® provides an exceptionally efficacious approach for tackling these problems, irrespective of the particular field. This methodology empowers teams to visually represent the challenges and generate captivating solutions in a uniquely engaging manner.

Our beliefs



Together, we possess a greater wealth of knowledge than when we function independently. To achieve genuine success, it's essential to involve a variety of perspectives within the organization.


Iceberg effect

The observable behavior, akin to the tip of an iceberg, is actually propelled by a significantly larger portion submerged beneath the surface. This is where our deeper motivations reside.



While engaged in the game, we frequently lose our sense of identity and location, enabling us to seamlessly transition to different scenarios and forms.



With the assistance of LEGO®, you can construct virtually anything. This empowers you to visually and tangibly mold intricate issues and processes.



With the LEGO® blocks laid out before you, you're naturally inspired to commence. You initiate construction from the foundation upward. Frequently, your hands grasp your emotions more swiftly than your thoughts.

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That's precisely why LEGO® Serious Play®.

Achieve success through play

These beliefs are integrated into every facet of each session. Every participant, without exception, takes part and brings their knowledge, experience, and narratives to the forefront. With the complete engagement of each individual, we aim for collective insights, visions, agreements, and strategies. The outcomes are consistently endorsed by all team members, markedly enhancing the likelihood of success.

Officially certified

Bouwgabbers" is a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator