Solve together

Creative & problem-solving thinking

Participants are supported in a process of creative thinking and problem solving. During the workshop, each participant is invited to build a solution to a question using LEGO.

after corona

Hybrid working is something we have learned from corona. How do you do that effectively and efficiently?

We still work together, but differently. Where one loves to work at home, without outside distractions, the other misses the noise on the office floor or it is simply too noisy at home to work properly. One thing is certain, working from home is part of working after corona.
How do you make sure everyone feels good? And how do you keep finding each other? Physically and remotely? That certainly does not always happen automatically. Sometimes the stretch seems to go a bit off. How do you ensure job satisfaction with each other and, above all, how do you keep in touch with each other.

In this half-day workshop you will physically work together. You build your team together and lay the foundation for your future together. As a team. Together.

Workshop examples


Strategy and vision

With the LSP method we set to work to determine the vision of the company, brand, organization, department or team.



Communication is one of the basic requirements of good cooperation. What if communication is not going well? With LSP we find out what the problem is and find a solution.



Processes within a company or organization are often the basis of the product or service. When the processes improve, the product improves.


Team building

Working together within a company, organization or within a team is essential for a pleasant work culture. Even when things are going well, there is always something to improve.


Personal development

Individuals are at the basis of the work. Happiness at work is one of the most important conditions for results. How do you ensure that you continue to develop?

Road to success


The possibilities are endless. All our sessions and workshops are tailor-made. Please feel free to contact us for advice or a quote.