LEGO® Education

The applications with LEGO® Education are endless. Bouwgabbers specializes in lessons from the middle years of primary education to lower secondary education.

Primary school

Middle building

For middle school students there are workshops with LEGO® Education WeDo or Spike Essential. They are introduced to the basics of technology, programming and robotics in the broadest sense. Through attractive small structures, the students learn in pairs, step by step, the motor, the motion and tilt sensor and how to program them. Then there are everyday science and technology projects where students bring their ideas to life through research, engineering and programming. In this way, the students build their self-confidence, learn to think critically, define problems and design and program their own solutions.

Primary school


Inquiry learning, building and programming with LEGO and a Scratch-based programming language. Teach children to think critically through complex, engaging and relevant STEAM challenges.
SPIKE PRIME consists of the well-known colored LEGO bricks and child-friendly hardware. Scratch is a programming language that is already used in many schools and works on the basis of drag and drop. This combination challenges students to learn and think critically to solve complex problems, regardless of their educational level. Start with simple entry-level projects, fully STEAM of course, and go further… as far as your own limitations go… and beyond.


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Secondary education


For secondary school students, Bouwgabbers has workshops with the EV3 training robot from LEGO® Education. In pairs they learn the basics of technology, programming and robotics in the broadest sense. Step by step, the students go through the LEGO Education Mindstorms program. For example, they learn to control the training robot with different sensors (ultrasonic, color, tactile and gyro sensor) and different motors by reprogramming programs and adjusting them themselves via the app on the iPad or computer. The possibilities are endless, so are the creations. Is a programmable elephant big enough?